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Billedet på sidehoved

Enter school from Ørstedsgade - here you also find our parking lot!

Job Vacancies at SIS

Sønderborg International School is currently recruiting. We are looking for a new

  • English Teacher - fixed term vacancy of 1 year. See job advertisement here
  • Pedagogue - for our After School Program. See job advertisement here

The International Kindergarten has free seats!

If you are considering the International Kindergarten in Sønderborg for your child, please be informed that we have  a number of free seats as of 1 May 2017

Please notice that in order to register your child you have to log on to borger.dk

The International Kindergarten is physically situated on the premises of Børnehaven Engelshøj.

For more information about the kindergarten and the international programme, please contact Børnehaven Engelshøj, telephone number: +45 8872 4289.

Welcome To SIS

Please take the time to navigate via the menu above to learn more about our program.

Should you need information that is not posted yet do not hesitate to contact us.

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International Kindergarten

The SIS International Kindergarten

As of 1st August 2016 Sønderborg International School, in cooperation with Sønderborg Kommune and Børnehaven Engelshøj, opened its own international kindergarten.

The kindergarten currently accomodates 10 children.

If you are interested in securing a place for your child, please apply via borger.dk.

To read more about the SIS Early Years Program, please press here and see what the newspaper is writing here

We look forward to welcoming you child!

Sponsors & Partners

Sønderborg International School has been the benificiary of the generosity of many caring people and institutions. 

Thank you all for your special support and for having made a difference in our wonderful school!

SIS Sponsors

Fastelavn 2017

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Scan the QR Code with your smartphone and register for PBS
(To scan the QR Code you will need to have a QR Reader installed on your device). 


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