Billedet på sidehoved


Since the International School came into existence in 2007 it has undergone a radical change. The school started off as a department of Privatskolen Als and enjoyed the financial support of global company Danfoss as well as Sønderborg Kommune. Under the brand: The International School of Als, we set sail with just 12 students, but  soon this number rose to 24, then 35, then 49. It was evident that the school needed room for expansion and through the committed work carried out by past and present board members and employees the School separated itself from Privatskolen Als in August 2011 and found a new identity as Sønderborg International School on Grundtvigs Allé.

Summer 2013 we have relocated to Sdr. Landevej 28 in completely refurbished buildings which will allow us to expand and develop our program even further.

We play an important role in the creation of an internationally minded program of education in our region. As of 1 August 2016 Sønderborg International School will establish an own international kindergarten in cooperation with the local Danish kindergarten, Børnehaven Engelshøj

Finally, as of 29 November 2017, Sønderborg International School has moved to our new building, Agervang 14, in Sønderborg to meet a continously growing number of students.