Billedet på sidehoved

Enter school from Ørstedsgade - here you also find our parking lot!

Our After School Program - ASP / SFO

At Sønderborg International School we have an after school program for children from Y1 - Y4.
The monthly fee for the ASP is DKK 600.
Fruit is served every day.

The ASP is open every day as follows:

Monday - Thursday:      12:45 - 17:00
Friday:                         12:45 - 16:00

This academic year the ASP is also open the first week after the school Summer holiday starts and one week before the school reopens - this year this is week 27 and week 32.

Information regarding the content of our programme, including the ASP information sheet, is available and updated regularly on this page. If you require additional information that is not contained here, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.


Ingen aktuelle aktiviteter i kalenderen

Upcoming Events in the ASP

Week 34 Dinosaurs
Week 35 Pirates
Week 36 In the Garden - including the Insect Hotel, Insect & Bees
Week 38 Cowboys & Indians
Week 39 Fittness & Cycling Week
Week 40 Science Week - Visit to Science Park
Week 41 William Shakespeare Week
Week 42 Autumn Break - School - The ASP is open for pre-registered children
Week 43 Autumn & Haloween
Week 44 Safety Week - Fire and Emergency  Services 112 & Stranger Danger
Week 45 Ghostbusters
Week 46 The Vikings
Week 47 Enid Blyton - Literature
Week 48 Music & Theatre
Week 49 Music & Theatre
Week 50 Christmas