Billedet på sidehoved

What can I do after I have graduated from SIS?

After you have graduated from Sønderborg International School you have various possiblities of continuing with upper secondary level education either abroad or in and around Sønderborg.

The various educational institutions offer a wide range of different study programmes and we urge you to look closer into the different programmes the schools offer to find the one, which is the exact right one for you. Please also notice that as of 8th. grade (Y9) the school, in cooperation with the student, the student's family and the local youth educational councellor, the UU-Vejledning, will guide and help the student find the right school for further education. 

Below, we have collected a list of upper secondary level schools in and around Sønderborg. Not all the schools have made infomation in English available. Therefore, please contact the schools directly, if you have questions to the programmes, they offer.

If you would like to read more about upper secondary level education in Denmark, please visit the official website of the Danish Ministry for Education.


Upper secondary level schools in and around Sønderborg: