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How To Register 

We are happy to learn that you are considering our school for your child. If you need to hear more about our school, the programme we are offering or if you need other information in relation to how to enroll your child at the school, please contact us for an appointment either per Email: [email protected] or by telephone: 0045 7443 0110. 

Below we have made some documents available for you to print out. All these documents can also be picked up from the school's administration office. 


  1. Print out and fill in the below application form. This procedure is alos required if you want to register your child to the waiting list with school start later

  2. Remember to sign the applicataion form on page two. Please bear in mind that the school requires signatures from both parents it they share custody of the child

  3. Scan both pages and send them per email to [email protected] Alternatively you can send the application form by ordinary mail or you can drop it in our mail box outside the school

  4. Transfer DKK 600 registration fee per child to our bank account. Bank information can be found in the below document Admission & Registration. Remember to write the name of your child when you transfer money

Documents You Need To Fill Out When You Register

Application form

Parents' consent for the school's use of photos and videos on various media

Parents' consent for ordering a free bus card

Other Documents

Admission to SIS 2019-2020

Admission and Registration (Information about price, bank details and subsidies)

Cambridge IGCSE - A guide for parents

Apply for School Fee Subsidies

Please read the subsidy allocation document carefully before you apply. 

Press here to connect to more information about applying for school fee subsidies.