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Below you will find the latest SIS newsletter. 
On the right hand side you find copies of earlier newsletters

With the newsletters we would like to keep you updated on what is currently going on in our school and what is planned for the future.

Enjoy reading!

SIS Newsletters

Below you will find the latest SIS newsletter. On the right hand side you find copies of earlier newsletters With the newsletters we would like to keep you updated on what is currently going on in our school and what is planned for the future. Enjoy reading!

Newsletter June 2017

Dear SIS Community.

Well this is our last newsletter of this academic year! It has certainly been an interesting year but as the school year comes to an end, we are looking forward to our summer break with lots to be proud of.

Our achievements this year
• We have another year of very successful results across the school. Both cross-curricular and Danish (Others still yet to be received).
• We went from five classes last school year to eight classes this school year. A sign of our growth and effort.
• The primary students have also benefited from more trips to enhance their learning; the Viking’s museum and the Christmas market at Den Gamle By in
• Year 9 and Year 10 had a fabulous field trip to Berlin. Thank you to Mr. Manero and Mrs. Hansen who went along to enable the trip to take place.
• The amount of sports has been maintained with a large number of after school preparation for the Skole OL, kindly facilitated by Mr. Lauritsen.
• The appointment of new teachers that meet our educational profile.
• We have continued to introduce more teamwork across the school as well as with the children to build the team spirit.
• The most important priority for us at SIS are students and the staff building partnerships and relationships together, alongside moving the school forward and
offering help and guidance.
• 13 students from Year10 and Year 11 are graduating this year. We would like to remind them that graduation is an exciting time. It marks both the ending and
a beginning of a new chapter in their lives with warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. Well done and good luck!
• The PTC events were very well attended by many parents. Feedback suggested that they were informative and interesting in terms of reflections from this
year. This has resulted in our first school day breakfast being moved from the Monday to the Sunday 13th August 2017.

New Building
The long-term aim of the school is to have our own building and become a separate entity so that we are recognised as Sønderborg International School in the community and in the town. We can ensure you that we are working on that and are waiting for the final answer on our current plans.

First Day of School
For those families who will be returning in August, school starts on:

Sunday, 13 August 2017 13:30 – 16:00

for a
Welcome Back Coffee and Cake Event

In future, we would like to always welcome back our families on the Sunday before the Monday the school starts in August.

The programme for this year’s welcome back event is:

Welcome Back Coffee and Cake, which will be held from 13.30 - 16.00 with details as follows:

13.30 - 13.45 Mr. Kristensen and Mrs. Bansal will guide families to their respective classes.
13.45 - 14.30 Class teachers and the subject teachers will give an introduction in the classes
14.30 - 15.30 Coffee, tea and cake in the gym hall plus celebrating the school’s 10th Anniversary.

Due to the number of families moving in and out of SIS over the summer, class lists may be revised up until the beginning of school.
By August 2017we will be enrolling over 125 confirmed students. This will cater for 8 teaching groups:
We are also going to rename our classes to make it simpler, especially when we are growing fast which enables us to conduct our teaching as per key stages. The new classes will be named after the year groups:

• Year1 Students in Year1
• Year2 Students in Year 2
• Year3 Students in Year 3
• Year4 Students in Year 4
• Year5 Year 6 Students in Year 5 and Year 6
• Year7 Year 8 Students in Year 7 and Year 8
• Year9 Students in Year 9
• Year10 Students in Year 10 and Year 11

The regular classes at school start Monday 14 August at 07:50.

The schedule of the first school day is as follows:

07.55 Students should meet their respective teachers at their classrooms to follow a normal school day/regular schedule.

The new 2017-18 school year calendar as well as the timetables and class lists will be available on SkoleIntra over the summer, please stay tuned. All new families will receive information about school start shortly before the first day of school per email.

In the first week, the students will receive study books and other resources and must therefore bring a school bag. Remember that all text books provided to the students by SIS are to be returned at the end of the school year or if a student stops at SIS and must be wrapped in paper. The books must be wrapped within the first week of school.

The library will be open from 09:00 – 12:00 during week 26 if you find any books that have not been returned before the end of the schoolyear – it is important that they are returned so that they can be handed out to a new class at the beginning of next schoolyear.

At the end of this school year, we would like to say goodbye to Mr. Van Winckel, Mrs. Castillo ( for the short term), Ms. Charlotte De Beule, Mr. Castilio, Mrs. Nielsen. We thank you all for your contribution and the impact you have made to the school and want to wish you good luck!

New Team Members
With growth and change, other challenges follow. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to some of our teachers, but are happy to welcome new teachers.
We welcome Mrs. Charlotte Berg Plith as our new Danish teacher in our secondary school program. Mrs. Plith is a trained teacher and has previously worked within the Danish school system for many years.
Mr. Samuel Paul Willetts is going to replace Mrs. Castillo for a year. Mr. Willetts is a young, enthusiastic teacher.
Ms. Janni Hansen will be the new face in the ASP. As announced earlier, Ms. Stanley is going to teach Science in our secondary classes.
Mrs. Ada Hanimagi is going to replace Mr. Castilio for the ESL teacher.
Our music teacher Mrs. Celerina Magarro Pedersen is pursuing new challenges and has resigned from her position as teacher at the end of this school year. To replace Mrs. Pedersen the school has signed a contract with another female teacher, Mrs. Gladys Myrna á Kosini, who will take over the lessons of Mrs. Pedersen.

We are very much looking forward to working together with the team as a whole and we are confident that the qualifications and experience represented by our team is the right basis for a good school.

New Students
We can look forward to welcoming new students when school starts in August. Furthermore, several students are joining us for trial weeks in August. We expect to reach approx. 130 students, still observing, however, the classroom max. of 20 students.

After the summer holidays there will be some changes in the ASP as Ms. Stanley is needed as a teacher in the school. Therefore, we have employed a young, trained teacher, Ms. Janni Hansen. Ms. Hansen will join the ASP as of August 2017. We look forward to working with her and we welcome her in our SIS team. Mrs. Bansal will be managing and leading the ASP as of next school year.

Bus Cards
The yellow bus card as you know it is being been phased out. As of 1 August 2017, all students will receive a chip card sized school bus card called “Rejsekortet”. The school bus card is only handed out to students whose parents have signed the consent letter, which was sent out earlier this month and will be handed out to the students on the first day of ordinary school, Monday 14 August 2017, together with a short user manual and a cardholder for the school bag. Please be informed that all children can drive to and from school on the first day of school without any bus card. All parents and students will receive further information about the use of the card on SkoleIntra in connection with school start.
The current yellow bus card can be used by the students all summer and is valid until 31 July 2017. After that date, you can just throw it away.

School Fees and PBS Registration
Once again, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we urge you to register your monthly payments with PBS (Pengeinstitutternes Betalingsservice). It is very easy to register and you can do it via our homepage in the top menu “Admission” or by scanning the QR code on the front page of your homepage with your smart device. For registration, you need your customer number, which you can find on your last invoice. If you are in doubt or if you do not know your customer number, please contact the school administration, we should be happy to assist you.
If you have not registered with PBS, a monthly fee of DKK 100 will be added to your invoice until Nets has confirmed registration.

Holiday Calendar
We hereby inform you that the holiday calendar has changed slightly. The last day of school before the Christmas holiday is Tuesday 19th December and the first day after the holidays is Wednesday 4th January 2018. We also would like to draw your attention to the mandatory school day on Saturday 25th November 2017, this day we will celebrate our annual Christmas Celebration.

The School administration office closes for summer holidays in week 26 – 31 and re-opens Monday 7th August 2017 from 09:00 – 12:00 - or by agreement. Please call 7443 0110 to make sure we are open if you plan to come.

Best regards
The SIS Team

29-06-2017 CF