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Have you just moved to Sønderborg?

If you are new to Sønderborg or if you are considering moving to Sønderborg, you may find a lot of useful information, icluding the welcome package with various vouchers, from the Newcomer Service of the municpality.

To visit the official site of the Newcomer Service, please click this link .

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Sønderborg International School has been the benificiary of the generosity of many caring people and institutions. 

Thank you all for your special support and for having made a difference in our wonderful school!

SIS Sponsors

Basketball Tournament in Copenhagen

In February 2019 SIS participated at the annual basketball tournament for international schools in Denmark. The tournament was held in Copenhagen.

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  • 27-03-2019
    Ferie fri dag NS · Y4
  • 28-03-2019
    Ferie fri dag NS · Y4
  • ikon
    Charlotte Fahrendorff (CF) den 18-06-2018

    Pictures from the SIS Barbecue last Friday are now available. To see pictures, please press below link.
  • ikon
    Charlotte Fahrendorff den 03-05-2018

    Dear SIS Community.

    For your kind information, we have slightly updated the holiday calendar for the next academic year, 2018-2019. There have been changes to the Christmas holiday only and hence, the last day of school before the Christmas holiday is Friday 21 December 2018 and the first day after the holiday is Monday 7 January 2019.

    The updated calendar is attached to this message (PDF file) and can be found also on the school's homepage, see below link. Furthermore, the ParentIntra calendar will be updated with these new dates also.

    Kind regards
    The SIS Administation
  • ikon
    Charlotte Fahrendorff den 22-08-2016

    Dear Families.

    As communicated at an earlier occasion, we would again like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possbile to download Office 364 for free to your child's private computer/labtop.

    The program package is made available by our IT provider, IT-Center Syd, and below you find a guide on how to install it. The guide is in Danish but it is very well illustrated and easy to follow. For installing the program the student needs his or her UNI-Login.

    Most of the students know their UNI-Login, however, if your child does not know or has forgotten his/her UNI-Login, please send them to the school administation office to have it handed out again.

    Kind regards
    The SIS Administation